2002 Sketch Contest Submissions
Concept drawing of a lilly Submission for dynamics print layout contest 2003 Show flyer for local arizona band Nytro-Djinn 2004 Art Contest submission in composites
Ad work for Remix Club ware Logo Design For Local Fyre troupe Amaterasu 2004 Print Layout contest Submission Maelstrom Descent For the Environment Campaign
Maelstrom Descent Concept Design ad work Concept site design for Amaterasu Fyre Troupe Original Descent Album Cover design for Noetic Concept design based on an old Japanese Flag Hat
Farsight PIctures Logo 2nd version of this Web site design Maelstrom Descent Desktop artwork 3rd version Maelstrom Descent Desktop Artwork
Mythos of Fyre/Amaterasu Web site design Digital Artwork Contest Submission 2006 Digital Artwork Contest Submission 2007 Desktop Composite Piece
90 Degrees Clothing Line Logo Logo for GypsyPimp Clothing Line Logo concept for Composite Market Reports Powder Puff Girl colored in Illustrator :-D


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